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Single mother Karima Bhandari shares her parenting journey

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We Have To Be Kinder To Ourselves: On Mother’s Day, Single Mom Garima Bhandari Shares Her Parenting Journey

Karima Bhandari, a certified visual communication practitioner and renowned digital media influencer, shares her story of grit and resilience as a single mother. She believes that being a parent is overwhelming and challenging, especially when trying to maintain a job, pay bills, and raise children. Starting a new life as a single parent was challenging for Karima, but she learned to reflect on herself, stay patient, and act thoughtfully. She advises parents in unhappy marriages to prioritize their children and mediate issues through clear communication before deciding to separate. For Karima, self-care is crucial for parents, especially for single mothers like herself, who should exercise, dress well, eat healthy and maintain an organized life. Lastly, Karima believes that motherhood is not about being the perfect mom but about spending quality time with children, giving them all the love and support they need, and setting an example that they can emulate.

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