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Can children get lung cancer?

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Doctors Speak: Can Children Develop Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer in children is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. Primary lung cancers in children are extremely rare, with an overall incidence of less than 0.05 per 1 lakh. Some types of primary lung tumors in children include pleuro-pulmonary blastoma, carcinoid tumors, and primary pulmonary mucoepidermoid tumors. Cancers that develop in other parts of the body often spread to the lungs in children, especially if the disease is left untreated or inadequately treated. Symptoms of lung cancer in children may include coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and weight loss. Dr. Saikia recommends getting an X-ray, CT scan, and biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Surgery is the most common treatment for primary lung tumors in children, while bone and muscle tumors are treated with chemotherapy and surgery. Understanding the cause and risk factors is important in recognizing the symptoms and getting a correct diagnosis.

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