Home Finance SpiceJet shares fell nearly 14%; It hit a 52-week low during the day

SpiceJet shares fell nearly 14%; It hit a 52-week low during the day

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 SpiceJet shares fell nearly 14%;  It hit a 52-week low during the day

SpiceJet Shares Fall Nearly 14%; Hits 52-Week Low

SpiceJet, an Indian low-cost airline company, saw a 14% decline in its shares and hit a 52-week low during trading. This came after the company posted a loss of INR 891 crore ($122 million) for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022, which is nearly 10 times its loss in the same quarter of the previous year.

SpiceJet’s Financial Performance

The airline reported a total revenue of INR 1,582.3 crore ($216 million) for the quarter, which is down by 77% compared to the same quarter in 2021. Its total expenses for the quarter stood at INR 2,473 crore ($338 million), which was a decrease of about 57% from the previous year.

The company also had a loss of INR 3,034.8 crore ($415 million) for the whole year, compared to a loss of INR 934.8 crore ($127 million) in the previous year. Its total revenue for the year stood at INR 6,521 crore ($891 million), which is down by almost 69% compared to the previous year.

SpiceJet’s Executive Chairman Ajay Singh said that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the company’s operations and performance. The company’s capacity and passenger traffic have been significantly reduced due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, causing a decrease in its revenue.

SpiceJet’s Efforts to Address Financial Concerns

Despite the financial difficulties, SpiceJet has made efforts to address its concerns. The company has restructured its debt and entered into agreements with its lessors to reduce its obligations. It has also reduced its fleet size and deferred its aircraft deliveries to alleviate some of its financial pressures.

SpiceJet plans to increase its revenue by expanding its cargo operations, which have been performing well amid the pandemic. The company also plans to introduce new routes and improve its services to attract more passengers.

Possible Impact on Indian Aviation Industry

SpiceJet’s financial troubles come at a time when the Indian aviation industry is already facing challenges due to the pandemic. The industry has been struggling with high fuel prices and taxes, as well as increased competition.

The Indian government has introduced several measures to support the aviation industry, including reducing taxes and providing financial assistance to airlines. However, airlines such as SpiceJet continue to face challenges, and some industry experts have predicted that the industry may take several years to recover.


SpiceJet’s 14% drop in shares and its 52-week low during trading is a reflection of the challenges that Indian airlines are facing. While the company has made efforts to address its financial concerns, it remains to be seen how successful its recovery plan will be. As the aviation industry struggles to overcome the impact of the pandemic, it is clear that airlines will need to adopt new strategies to survive and thrive in the future.

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