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GAIL moves UK court against Gazprom’s supply disruption

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GAIL moves UK court against Gazprom's supply disruption

Indian energy company GAIL (India) has filed a case in the UK High Court against Russian energy giant Gazprom, over the disruption to gas supply that it claims is unlawful. GAIL alleges that Gazprom refused to supply it with contracted quantities of gas through the Nord Stream pipeline between October 2022 and April 2023, causing it significant financial loss. The court case is believed to be worth several million dollars. The dispute raises serious concerns over Gazprom’s reliability as a gas supplier to Europe, particularly given its monopoly on Russian gas supplies and its dominance over the European gas market.

Background on the dispute

GAIL signed a long-term contract with Gazprom to import gas via the Nord Stream pipeline, part of the Russian company’s network, connecting Russia to Germany. The contract was signed in December 2021, and the first shipments of gas began flowing in January 2022. However, in October 2022, supplies of gas to GAIL were suddenly stopped with no prior warning. The company reported that it was receiving only around 65% of the contracted quantity of gas, despite it paying continuously. In April 2023, GAIL said that the supply of gas had ceased completely, following which it launched legal proceedings against Gazprom in the UK High Court.

GAIL’s allegations against Gazprom

GAIL alleges that Gazprom breached the terms of its contract by failing to supply the full contracted quantity of gas between October 2022 to April 2023. This, GAIL claims, had a severe impact on its gas-based power generation business, leading to significant financial losses. As per GAIL’s contract with Gazprom, the latter was responsible for ensuring uninterrupted and timely gas supplies to GAIL. The company also states that the disruption caused by the Russian firm constitutes a violation of the UK Competition Act of 1998, which prohibits anti-competitive behavior.

The implications for Europe’s gas supplies

The disruption in the supply of gas to GAIL raises concerns over Gazprom’s reliability as a gas supplier to Europe. Given that Gazprom is the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe, with a reported market share of 36%, any disruption in its gas supplies could cause serious implications for Europe’s energy security. The Russian firm’s dominance in the European gas market has led to concerns among the European Union about its dependency on Russian gas. To reduce its reliance on Russian energy, the EU has been exploring various measures, including diversifying energy sources, reducing energy demand through energy efficiency measures, and investing in renewable energy.


GAIL’s legal case against Gazprom highlights the precariousness of Europe’s energy security in the face of the dominance of a single supplier. The dispute raises concerns over the reliability of Gazprom as a gas supplier, particularly given its monopoly on Russian gas supplies. The case also highlights the need to diversify Europe’s energy sources and reduce dependency on Russian gas, as the reliance on a single supplier poses serious implications for energy security. As the world continues to rely on fossil fuels, it becomes more important to ensure stability in energy supplies and prevent anti-competitive practices in the marketplace.

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