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Indian Government e Marketplace (GeM)-Top 10 Services

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Indian Government e Marketplace (GeM)-Top 10 Services

A well-functioning and efficient public procurement system is key to nation’s growth and development. Procurement of goods and services in right quantity, of right quality, at right time, at right price and from right source is therefore a very important administrative function and is also required for effective implementation of many Government schemes.

Government e Marketplace (GeM) an Introduction

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, based on recommendations of the Group of Secretaries, decided to set up a dedicated e market for different goods & services procured by Government Organisations / Departments / PSUs. This lead to creation of Government e Marketplace (GeM), in a record time of five months, facilitates online procurement of common use Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organisations / PSUs. GeM aims to enhance transparency, efficiency and speed in public procurement. It provides the tools of e-bidding, reverse e-auction and demand aggregation to facilitate the government users, achieve the best value for their money.

The genesis of the Government e Marketplace (GeM) initiative is driven by the need to deliver a step change in the public procurement process in the country and usher in an era of e-governance by leveraging the power of digital. The main objective of GeM is to ensure openness, fairness, and inclusiveness in public procurement.

Each service category on GeM has pre-identified specifications, standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Special Terms and Conditions (STCs) with provision to customise as per buyer contextual requirements. More than 200 service categories are live on the portal as on date. So far, orders of more than Rs 31,800 Crore have already been placed on GeM for procurement of Services.


Advantage of buying on Indian Government e Marketplace (GeM)

  • Provide transparency and ease of buying
  • Offers rich listing of products for individual category of goods/services
  • Direct purchase for amounts upto INR 25000
  • L1 purchase for amounts greater than INR 25000 and less than INR 5 Lakhs
  • Proprietary Article Certificate Bid- Procurement of specific product as per requirement
  • Price Trends and Price Comparison From Multiple Suppliers
  • Direct notifications to sellers
  • Integrated Payment System
  • Easy to comprehend interface to search, compare, select and buy
  • User friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies and payments
  • Online grievance redressal mechanism for quick resolution
  • Float bid among population of 3 lakhs sellers
  • Buyers can now select bid duration between 10 & 21 days.
  • Delivery period upto 180 days
  • Option to provide multiple consignee locations and quantity
  • Multiple consignee can be selected for Services
  • Pin-code based seller selection for Direct Purchase Mode
  • ATC library available for addition of terms and conditions
  • Additional Deductions can be applied by buyers at the time of bill generation
  • Notification to buyers regarding:
    • expiry of DP (Delivery Period) for the contract
    • Initiation of cancellation of contract in case of non-delivery by sellers
  • Buyer during technical evaluation can make a MSE seller eligible or ineligible for MSE purchase preference.
  • Now buyers get the option to cancel the Product contract(s) even if the invoice has been generated by seller provided 15 days have expired from delivery period.
  • 11 Banks have enabled GeM Pool Account
  • To improve fair participation in Bid / RA, GeM now ensures that at least 3 sellers have participated and offered products from at least 2 different OEMs.In case buyer wants to proceed with less than 3 Resellers or two OEMs/Brand, they have to upload approval from Competent Authority.

The top 10 services that are procured from GeM are as under:

  1. Manpower based services – Can be used to hire unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled professionals either on fixed remuneration basis as defined by the buyer or in compliance with the Minimum Wages Act.
  2. Vehicle/Ambulance hiring services – This is the most frequently procured service on GeM wherein the Buyer can rent various car/vehicle/ambulances as per their specific need. Cab and Taxi, Ambulance [Event and Duration Based], Buses, VVIP vehicles, Air Ambulance can be hired on GeM. Leasing of electric vehicles is also available on GeM.
  3. Housekeeping – Services under this category include Cleaning and Sanitation, Horticulture Service – Manpower and Outcome based, Canteen service, Waste management etc.
  4. Healthcare Service – Healthcare specific services with appropriate specifications and service providers are listed under Healthcare Human Resources Outsource Service, Healthcare Kitchen and dietary service, Healthcare sanitation service, Laundry service – Healthcare purpose, Local Chemist Empanelment service
  5. Goods and Transport Service – Buyers can hire trucks for transportation of goods through several ways like per KM basis, per MT basis, per MT per KM basis, monthly rental basis or for trips between two specific locations. In addition to above, a service for Packaging of Goods is also available.
  6. Professional Outsourcing Service – This service facilitates the hiring of service providers for Consultancy Services and IT related projects. Buyers can engage experts on cloud, data centre, portal/mobile application development etc. Person-month hiring can be made for Hiring of Consultants, IT Professionals and Non-IT Professionals, Creative consultants, energy efficiency consultants etc
  7. Operation and Management Service of Electrical Buses – Different types of electric buses can be hired through this category under National Electric Mobility Mission Plan.
  8. Annual Maintenance Services Contract (AMC) or Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) Services – AMC/CMC Services are available on GeM for various products like air conditioners, water purifiers, CCTV, fire alarm, fire extinguishers, desktops, laptops, network equipment, conferencing systems, etc. In addition to above, AMC/CMC can also be hired for any Pre-owned Product through a generic AMC/CMC service.
  9. Printing  – This service provides cost effective solutions and services to print a wide range of booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, note cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, forms, business cards and other non-paper based printing services.
  10. Facility Management – Facility Management as a bundle can be procured by selecting combination of offerings such as housekeeping, security, electric work etc .

Over the last few years, GeM has followed the principle of standardization with an option to customize as per buyer’s context while designing services and introduced new features such as contract extension, online invoicing for ease of Buyer organisations.

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